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The Cayman Islands offer a well-regulated and internationally respected, tax-neutral, offshore business environment.


Balboa Management Ltd. provides Company Management and Associated Services within the Cayman Islands.


We offer a full range of services which can be tailored to your specific needs and these include:


  • Company Formation

  • Provision of Registered Office

  • Provision of Directors and Officers

  • Full Management Service

  • Liquidations



The type of Cayman structure required or best suited for a particular endeavour, will depend largely on the type of business and whether it will be conducting its affairs locally or outside of the Cayman Islands.


Balboa can provide assistance in ascertaining which type of structure is right for you and will act as liaison with other professionals as may be required to best meet your needs.


The Cayman Islands are a small, yet sophisticated jurisdiction with a stable government, a well developed Common Law system based on English law and a proliferation of world class corporate and service companies, all contributing factors in the smooth and efficient running of a business.

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